Sell my iPad

Sell my iPad

Looking to sell iPad for cash? Let ReboostMac help you dispose of that old gadget and send you money instantly.

ReboostMac - the best choice to sell your iPad in Switzerland

Reboost is the ideal place to sell your iPad. We are trustworthy and have operated in this market long enough to know what our clients need. Once you send us your gadget’s details, we will inspect it as soon as possible. The offer you receive for your iPad is guaranteed, and we pay quickly.

Why choose ReboostMac?

You don’t have to advertise your iPad or meet up with random people on the internet who might scam you. Whether you want to sell iPad pro, iPad mini, first-generation iPad, or any other kind of model, choose ReboostMac. It’s a simple and safe way to get cash for your used iPad. Don’t let that used gadget sit idle, send it to us. We’ll give you a good price for your gadget. This means that you can regularly earn enough to make a large deposit for the newest model.

How to sell your iPad to us?

If you want to take part in recycling your products and help reduce e-waste in our world, sell iPad to us. We’ll breathe new life into the gadget and find a new user. The selling process is simple and will require you to follow these few steps to get started:

  1. Visit our official website and register. Check out our list of iPad models and choose the one you desire to sell.
  2. Expect to receive a price quote for the iPad. Choose the payment method you’d want us to use if you agree with our offer.
  3. Send the iPad to us within a fortnight. We’ll examine it to determine if it’s functional.
  4. After confirming that the iPad details you have provided are correct, we’ll pay you for it on the same day we receive it.

What payment options do we offer?

At ReboostMac we offer the following payment methods:

  • Contanti


    If you prefer to be paid in cash, we’ve got you. Let ReboostMac assess the condition of your iPad and give you the cash instantly.
  • Paypal


    PayPal provides a great way for you to transact online. In case you prefer this payment option, we can send you money through it after you furnish us with the necessary details.
  • Bonifico bancario diretto

    Direct bank transfer

    Want us to send the money directly to your bank account? Don't worry. We will do just that after we assess and value your Mac. Expect the money to reflect in your account the same day.
  • Criptovalute (Bitcoin, USDT)

    Crypto (Bitcoins, USDT)

    Do you have a crypto wallet? Send us the address details of the wallet, and we will deposit Bitcoins or USDT fast.

FAQ about selling iPad with ReboostMac

How to clear iPad to sell?

Your iPad will be professionally wiped clean once we receive it. In case you are upgrading with us, we can transfer your personal data to the device you have acquired. However, if you still want to clear the iPad yourself, just open settings and select General. Then, click on Transfer or Reset iPad and tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings.

Can I get paid less money than initially quoted?

At ReboostMac, we are also committed to paying you 100% of the price quoted. However, we’ll revise the price if we discover the device is worth more or less than we initially thought. If you disagree with the new offer, we’ll send your iPad back to you at no charge. Either way, you will not face any risk.

Is a broken iPad saleable?

Yes, it is. Even if your iPad is broken, we can still get you a good offer.

How much can you sell an iPad for?

The payout for an iPad is determined by a number of factors, including storage and general condition. If it is in a good state, a mouth-watering offer awaits you.

When will I receive payment for my iPad?

We will send you money for the iPad in 1-2 days after we receive and assess it. Our aim is to process the payment as soon as possible, so ensure you provide all the correct details pertaining to the iPad.

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